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"Maximizing Personal and Corporate Goals Is Only Achieved by Maximizing & Leveraging Each Persons Unique Talents"

Introducing the Success Insights® System *

Know More About Your Uniqueness Than Ever

hillory clintonNot everyone is the same. Some, like Hillary Clinton, are highly competitive, direct and is driven to win. Our guess is that she knows this about herself. Unfortunately, many in business do not know, and therefore, their natural style could get in the way of their success. They could go so fast and be so competitive as to effectively shut down e very people they want and need to step up to achieve her goals.[/testimonial2]

Know About Your Team Members
degeneresIf Hillary had a team full of people like Ellen DeGeneres, people who are optimistic, enthusiastic and highly sociable, she might have a big challenge with her hard driving, impatient and direct manner. Hard-charging, take-the-hills-at-all-costs isn’t a culture that would nurture people like Ellen.


Understand the Success Gaps

spockIf Hillary didn’t understand these Success Gaps, she might communicate with Mr. Spock in a way that de-motivates him rather than inspiring him to contribute at a higher level. Mr. Spock is a supporter, steady, dependable, set in his ways and very resistant to change, while Hillary is fast and furious and always moving toward change. She will have to slow down and give Mr. Spock some time to adjust to change.

Learn to Adapt for More Effective Communication

einsteinCan you also see how someone like Albert Einstein, who needed lots of facts, figures and time to make decisions would be intimidated by a fast, furious and somewhat loose with the details culture?



“The Fastest Way To Get Ahead is to
Know Yourself, Know Your Team and Know How to Adapt for Superb Communication and Performance.”
The Success Insights System

We have partnered with Target Training International to offer you the worlds most powerful behavioral and motivators assessment tools combined with our own in-depth online coaching and training system plus one-on-one coaching to give you a leg up in your career and your business. Here is what the program consists of:

  • The Success Insights Behavior and Motivators Online Assessment — to discovery your strengths
  • A complete video debrief and training system that walks you through each section of your 50+ page report to help you capture and implement it’s power — to thoroughly understand and integrate the report to be crystal clear on where you excel
  • 45 minute one-on-one coaching from either Bev Belury or John Hersey upon completion of the video debrief and training sessions to help you leverage your strengths — to help you put your insights to work to improve your communication and help you get ahead in your career
  • 6 months of  weekly email messages to keep you practicing your success formula
  • Total Value of $1197.00
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In just ten minutes, you can complete the Success Insights Form and begin a process of self-understanding that will benefit you and your team. After completing the instrument, you will automatically receive (within 3 minutes) a valuable 50+ page report full of career advancing information that may change the rest of your life. You’ll learn:

  • More about yourself than ever
  • How to leverage this information to catapult your career
  • More about your team members than ever
  • How to communicate with them that engages and empowers top performance
  • How to understand and appreciate your Success Gaps, and
  • How to adapt effortlessly to create far more effective  communication


With this comprehensive report you’ll discover qualities about yourself that will open new doors of opportunity. Then, using the Success Insights Video Debrief and Training, you’ll be able to better understand your team members to build a top performance group.
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Just look at what the Success Insights Behavior and Motivators Online Assessment coverss:
  • General CharacteristicsYour preferred work style based on natural behavior
  • Value to the Organization – Your contributing behaviors
  • Checklist for Communicating – How others can effectively communicate with you
  • Do’s and Don’ts on Communicating – What others should and should not do to communicate with you
  • Your Ideal Environment – Your preferred work atmosphere
  • Perceptions – How you view yourself and how others view you
  • Descriptors – Words that best describe you based on each of the four quadrants of behavior
  • Natural & Adapted Style – A four-quadrant comparison of your natural and adapted style
  • Adapted Style – Characteristics of the your current adapted style
  • Keys to Motivating – What you need to be motivated in the workplace
  • Keys to Managing – Which essential areas managers must address for you to perform at the top
  • Areas for Improvement - In which areas do you need to develop most
  • Action Plan – Create your own customized success plan
  • Behavioral Hierarchy – Your behavior style ranked within eight common areas in the workplace
  • The Success Insights® Wheel – A visual illustration of your behavioral adaptation.
  • Plus the Video Debrief and Training System
  • 6 months of  weekly email messages to keep you practicing your success formula
  • Plus 45 minute on-on-0ne coaching with either Bev Belury or John Hersey




We are so certain the Success Insights System will positively impact you that we are making it totally risk free with our 30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee. If you are not satisfied just let us know within 30 days of purchase and we'll refund your money, no questions asked.

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